DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone

For those people who have never flown a drone before, the DJI Phantom 4 will impress you. This thing is freaking incredible! For individuals who don’t know, the DJI Phantom 4 is a quadcopter that streams live video to your mobile phone, which is attached to your controller.  This will mean that not only can you see the drone physically in front of you, however, you may also see exactly what the drone’s camera can see on your iPad device live, without any lag whatsoever, up to 5km away!

I’ve found it amazing at that price. The $1,399.00 cost of the Phantom 4 might be expensive for some, but to other people, it’s the deal of the century.  For this much technology to be accessible at this price blows my mind. As photographers, we quite gladly spend much more on the lenses as well as cameras after all. However, it’s the sort of stuff that you’ll learn faster via muscle memory – if I stopped to think that control would pan vs. tilt, for instance, I got confused. But, if I just embraced the controls and also corrected as I flew, I discovered it much easier.

DJI’s New Features:

  • The new fantastic features which make the DJI Phantom 4 special are the hurdle avoidance, the active track and also the tap-to-fly.
  • Hurdle avoidance, as the name states, uses four individual sensors right in front of the quadcopter to map out the environment and prevent obstacles that could be in the flight path of the drone.
  • Whether it senses that it’ll run into an item, the drone will instantly slow down and come to a stop rather than crashing into the obstacle. I can’t overstate how helpful this is for beginners learning to fly.
  • The Phantom 4 is the 1st commercially available drone to receive this technology if you wish to stay safe; this can be a big plus. It will not only avoid walls, trees and also buildings; it will likewise prevent people who mean it will save you from a possibly disastrous situation. You may be more creative when recording using the Phantom 4 drone.

What You’ll Get In The Box:

Everything is available in one convenient package. The one thing you will want to add is tablet device which makes the experience that much more pleasant.


While you can use almost any smartphone, I recommend having a nice sized tablet just like an IPad device to get the very best experience.

Inside the box, you will find:

  • 16 gig SD card
  • Eight propellers (4 spares)
  • Battery
  • Carrying case
  • Charger
  • The drone
  • The radio controller

Amazingly, they even throw in a 16 GB SD card that is a nice little touch. I’d still suggest getting extra storage space because 16GB will go quite rapidly when you are recording in 4k resolutions.

My preferred surprise is that they now add a very practical, cool carrying case for the Phantom. Previously, we used to have to purchase yet another carrying bag to travel around with it… however, that has been replaced with an extremely nice case specially designed for the drone.

When comparing homebrew solutions, you are getting an incredible amount of value that just can’t be matched.

Remote Control and Software:

The software which comes with the Phantom reminds me much more of a video game than anything else. You get a lot of features with the DJI app which lets you control every aspect of the flight and recording. You may also go so far as defining waypoints for the quad to fly even before you take off the ground. Obviously, it is suitable for almost all systems.

The remote control feels solid and also smooth. You can tell you are holding a premium tech product along the lines of an Apple product.

The Good:

  • It’s simple to fly: Once you’ve got the Phantom all set up, it’s pretty simple to fly. You press only one button to make it take off and another to land and also the drone knows how to return. The new tracking modes make it unbelievably simple to follow a person around just drag a square box around them with your finger within the DJI Go app and also the Phantom will do its best to have them in the shot, even when they’re moving.
  • It won’t kill you: The Phantom 4 has two cameras on its front and two on its undercarriage which helps it determine the world around it. The drone can sense obstacles in front of it as being its flying, therefore if you have instructed it to follow you, or even fly along a certain route, it’ll do its best to not fly into anything. When testing this out, I couldn’t result in the drone hit a lamppost, a tree, or even me.

The Bad:

The Obstacle Sensing System just sees things in front of the drone. You’ll still require a tablet or phone ready to go combined with the controller and drone battery. Extra batteries are costly. Landing gear and also camera are fixed to the body, which means you can’t collapse it completely for travel and if you break or even want to update the camera, that isn’t an option.

The Bottom Line:

Yes, it isn’t inexpensive; however, DJI has made one of the wisest drones available with the Phantom 4.



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